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Amer Ahmed Belhasa Under the guidance of the dedicated management of Emirates Driving Institute we wish to announce that we have opened Qeyadah Driving Institute.

Concentrating on Development and Expansion, while maintaining quality are the main themes we focus on. A casual glance at the QDS facility reveals that we are sharply focused to providing customer services to an unusual degree. Our services are a cut above the rest, and the staff, a special squad, carefully selected, professional, courteous, well trained and appropriately kitted to serve the needs of customers to unprecedented lengths; and to do so with finesse, duly aided by the progressive management at QDS.

Our 25 years of dedicated service at Emirates Driving Institute and experience that we gained from it has helped us to expand to other emirates with the aim to providing quality training with safety as an important aspect in mind.

The groundwork has been laid down meticulously. We believe, we now have one of the most sophisticated operational infrastructure backing any branch network, and exceptionally inspired teams, that put together should enable us bring to fruition our vision of achieving rapid expansion of our market coverage.

The car today, has become a central feature of our lives, granting us unparalleled personal mobility through wider access to jobs, leisure and other facilities. With the ability and freedom to drive comes the responsibility to do so in a considerate and intelligent manner. We owe this to ourselves, our families and other road users as well as to the environment. Realizing this ever-growing need for skillful and safe driving lessons, EDI plans to introduce services in the rest of the UAE. Contracts have been signed for having fully operational facilities in Ras Al Kamiah as a part of the expansion. Believing in the safe and efficient use of road space, we plan to focus on quality instructional training to avoid accidents and manage risk in a variety of road and driving conditions.

QDS is a resource for smart driving, enabling students to develop a natural driving style that is safe, smooth, progressive and unobtrusive.

Amer Ahmed Belhasa
Managing Director


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